This summer marks YEAR 19 of the BA/Marts (Hons) 3D Computer Animation Degree Show! Come along on our flight to new fantasies and new worlds.

The students have worked beyond their own hopes and imaginations to finish project work with some outstanding animations.

Across all years the groups have worked hard to create some amazing new concept art, 3D models, film scenes and visual effects. The creature and character work this year has reached a new standard to evoke and to enchant.

Short animated films showcased here from the students graduating include the travels of some cute and determined droids speeding across lonely landscapes (see the work from the ROBUST team), to a couple of survivors living on the edge of forever (see Gareth Lewis’ KING OF WAYSIDE) and with more from our very own horror visionary (see MINERVA work from Tommy Nelson).

Phil Organ, Senior Lecturer Computer Animation. Programme Manager, BA & MA Computer Animation.

Student Projects

Robust Short Film