I started the Computer Animation course in Swansea with a little bit of AV experience and a little bit of design experience – and a lot of enthusiasm! It was great to see my own animated scenes and characters come to life, with jumping tigers, effects simulations and layering together components to create a full film sequence.

We also had the opportunity to work on external projects and concepts. I’ve got to know some great friends on the course and have worked with two close colleagues to make the short – ROBUST.

My part included a lot of different shots on screen, having fun with a lot of the dust and water effects, but I also did a lot of work in creating landscapes and dunes and the barrier (the droid crashes in to). Lots learnt over the years but one of the most creative and enjoyable animation courses you can do. Gotta get those droids over to our Wrap Party now!

Animation Reel

Breakdown Dust Effect

Desert Evolution

Dust Effect Desert

Showreel 2020

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