I like a challenge. On the animation degree in Swansea I have needed to push my drawing skills, I’ve needed to traverse multiple software (from BLENDER to MAYA and more) and I’ve propelled the quality, to create work that means something to someone.  

In this final year there were scenes needed of robots (see ROBUST) zipping across water or kicking up dust in a wheatfield. To tackle these shots I’ve found a way of working that is very much akin to studio practices and production methods, where you’re conjuring illusions out of thin air! Whatever it takes, working behind the scenes, you’re still working towards a screen with a rigid/locked camera.  

On the course I’ve learnt that all technology can be channeled to help you get to those key cinematic moments; as PIXAR would say – there are no rules, just tools and this JubJub bird has now graduated!    




Animation Reel

Beach Render

Ocean Breakdown

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