My passion is creature design and concepts. Drawing and designing. A lifelong fan of everything macabre I grew up surrounded by the evocative imagery of Pan’s Labyrinth or walking the streets of Silent Hill or running with Huskie dogs in The Thing!

Over the years on the animation degree I have been keen to push myself to do better work, to move away from superficial surface-level aspects, to conjure more meaning and symbolism in the characters. 

My final year has resulted in a graduate portfolio of 3D imagery to imbue the visuals with sublevels of culture and psychology and meaning.  They are grotesque or they may look surreal – but beneath the skin and bone and metal – there is something else there, striving for emotion and empathy.

The course has opened up a lot of possibilities and opened my eyes to what I want to do in the creative industries, via creature work.  

Creature Final

Tarantula Final

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