Bradley Martin

BSc Computing (Applied Computing)

Project Title: Small Screen Design Methodologies

Project Description

This project is about studying the various design methods that can be used when creating web pages taht support both desktop and mobile devices. A hypothesis was formed, this hypothesis was that Mobile-first is best suited for mobile web design. Two websites were created, one using the design method Mobile-first while the other uses Responsive-web design. The websites were given to users for feedback which can be used to test the hypothesis.

Choosing this course helps me achieve a job in a career that I want to pursue, applied computing allowed me to have a variety of choices from different aspects of computing which allowed me to decide which of those aspects I want to pursue.

UWTSD is a university that is fairly close to my home, it had this course which interested me and was also recommended by one of my college lecturers.

I would like to go into a job that is related to either software or web development, this is because both of these interest me and I enjoy learning about them.

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