Callum Hall

BSc Computing (Applied Computing)

Project Title: Effectiveness of Hacking Mitigation Techniques

Project Description

This project is about web security and focuses on what techniques and methods web developers use to protect their systems from hackers. The overall aim for this project was to evaluate the effectiveness of these techniques by creating two identical websites where one is secure but the other is not and using common hacking methods to test the security effectiveness. Research was done on the mitigation techniques that are commonly used. Research was also done on the most dangerous types of attacks on web systems. Some major findings from this project are that websites and services are becoming more and more secure if developed correctly otherwise hackers can still find ways in.

I have always enjoyed IT from a young age so it made sense to go for a career in this field that I enjoy.

It’s a university close to me, and it was recommended to me by friends and tutors.

In the near future I would like to get a job doing something development related in IT, be it software or web. The idea of creating something from code has always interested me so preferably this is the way I wish to go.

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