Cieran Hughes

BSc Computing (Applied Computing)

Project Title: To research the concept of progressive web applications and see whether a progressive web app can be used alongside or instead of a native application.

Project Description

This project’s aim is to research and evaluate the functionality, feature usability and requirement specification of a PWA. This was completed by using the methods of implementing a functional PWA and testing the PWA using a number of methods; software testing tool called Lighthouse, user interviews and user focus groups. The key findings were that even though PWAs are in their infancy the potential benefits they offer mean that there is potential for them to rival conventional applications like native app store applications. The recommendations and further work of this study is to implement a PWA with an alternative backend and database server to see if the performance is affected.

I am interested in computing and wanted to gain a higher understanding of the area.

The course looked varied for this uni giving me a wider range of knowledge once complete.

I would like to gain further knowledge on some topics that I covered in University, also look at getting a job in the web field.

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