Ewan Richards

BSc Computing (Applied Computing)

Project Title: Accessibility on Entertainment Venue Websites

Project Description

This project looks at accessibility and usability of entertainment venue websites, such as theatres and cinemas, and an accessibility bar web application was created. Accessibility is of paramount importance on all types of websites from shopping to University and entertainment venues so making sure that the user has a good experience is essential.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) were used throughout the main website with JavaScript (JS) being used to create the functions for the accessibility bar web application. The evaluation methods used throughout the project were interview prior to and after the implementation, with a questionnaire being sent out prior to the commencement of interviews.

A working application has been created with recommendations for further development based on feedback during the post-implementation testing interviews, some of which have been completed within the project timescale.

I was interested in Computing, gadgets, and how they work since a young age. I use the family laptop whenever I can. I decided to do the BSc in Applied Computing because I felt I would learn more than doing just one specialised discipline. I have learned about usability, software engineering, and cloud-based web services. The course has assisted me to build my employability skills for the future.

I decided to attend UWTSD because the small class sizes suit me rather than overpowering lecture theatres. The academic and support staff have been incredibly helpful and have gone the extra mile to assist with any issues I have had and have pointed me in the right direction. I also liked the range of Computing courses UWTSD offered ranging from web development to networking and data information.

I have recently accepted an offer to study on an MSc in Computing Software Engineering at UWTSD Swansea from October 2021. Once I finish my studies at University, I would like to become a website developer for either an educational or entertainment venue organisation.

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