Lowri Jones

BSc Computing (Applied Computing)

Project Title: Reviewing and comparing popular language apps and building a case study teaching of the Welsh language website for children.

Project Description

This project covers the background research on Education both in school and online, focussing on the techniques used and how different children learn. An in-depth review of online language teaching applications also took place which was then used to develop a list of requirements for LingoLearning. The research that has taken place has been used to design and develop a case study welsh teaching website for children. The design process has been achieved through an iterative process, creating paper and software prototypes.

The LingoLearning website has been developed and key aspects of the implementation stage are detailed throughout. Another aspect of this project is a thorough evaluation and testing analysis, looking into possible recommendations for future work. This project was an overall success, meeting both the aim and objectives set.

I chose to study Applied Computing at university as I have always been interested in computing and knew it was something I wanted to do in future jobs.

I chose to attend UWTSD as I thought the amount of topics taught on Applied Computing was good. As I want to be a secondary school teacher I thought that the vast choice in topics would be beneficial.

I would like to study my Secondary Education PGCE with Computing at UWTSD. I would like to be a secondary school teacher of computing.

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