Ross Meek

BSc Computing (Applied Computing)

Project Title: Health And Safety system

Project Description

This project is to develop and then evaluate a health and safety system created for employees of University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

This involved several methods to achieve the goals set. These included using the System Usability Scale to get a feel for how usable the software was. Using a sample 12 users the system usability scale calculation produced a score of 78.33, showing that it was in the above average range. A rapid application diagram was also used to develop the project as fast as possible. This was completed by going through a loop of prototype, test, refine. Due to the time constraints only one loop was completed after the peer review in order to get feedback on that needed to be changed and tweaked to be considered a complete success.

To conclude, overall the project was a success as the aim and all objectives were met. However, this is with the exception of a few points such as; the GIS for the users to be able to locate the devices when they are unfamiliar with the campuses and the email system where staff are notified automatically of any systems that are due to be serviced or have tests run on them.

Recommendations for the project are to add the shortcomings of the project such as the previously mentioned email and GIS and also to further the projects development by using factors such as more rotations of the rapid application diagram and have the project completely finished.

To further my study in computing

I would like to go into a career in data and analytics

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