Aida Lamer

BSc Computing (Computer Networks and Cybersecurity)

Project Title: Security Vulnerability of Smart Patient Trackers Using Internet of Things

Project Description

Patients living with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in recent years have started using wearable IoT devices to enable health care workers to track their locations. The aim of the research is to set up UBEEQUEE and iTrack Mini GPS commercial patient trackers to carry out ARP and DoS attacks on them. This is to determine if an attacker could block the connection between the tracker and the health care worker, and to sniff for sensitive data that could be used against the patient.

The project uses Kali Linux OS and opensource tools to carry out the attacks. SYN flood attack is carried out using Metasploit tool to flood the Wi-Fi router the Mobile device is connected to. ARP spoofing attack is carried out using Bettercap 2 tool to sniff for data received from trackers.

The DoS attack was successful and agreed with other research found in the literature review. The ARP attack was unable to sniff for useful sensitive user credentials due to Bettercap 2 having limited tools for this type of attack.

Through the years, I developed an interest in cyber security and wanted to learn more about the area and develop skills to take with me in to future employment. I was always very keen to find out where security weaknesses were, the cause of them, and how to fix them. This course offered a lot of relevant modules and in class tools to use for skill development.

UWTSD offers great modules to develop cyber security skills and enhance the understanding of cyber security with the additional networking modules. The university was very helpful from the open day, throughout the studies. UWTSD also has smaller number of lecture classes which enables students to develop a close friendship with the lecturers and better communication.

In the future, I would like to continue to work closely collaborating with healthcare and cyber security. I would like to be employed by the NHS working in Information Governance or IT specialist in cyber security.

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