Bright Nyakamha

BSc Computing (Computer Networks and Cybersecurity)

Project Title: Smart Home Network Security Optimised Requirements

Project Description

The project is about networking in Smart Homes. The research focused on the vulnerabilities and susceptibilities with the home network security. The main thrust and focus was on the Wireless Protocols that are used and weakness in  encryption standards, the end-user input in exposure and provision of a gateway to attack  their networks and the weaknesses embedded within devices used in the Smart Home that can be used for attacks.

I used a mixed approach, with an assessment of literature on home network security from varied sources concentrating mainly on wi-fi encryption protocols, the known exploitable weakness within the home network hardware and carried out varied experimentation on the Wireless attacks. Included was reconnaissance of target, extraction of target device Mac address, IP address and wireless de-authentication of target victims from Wi-fi access point.

My findings identified how difficult it may be to have a unified solution to network issues as the details of a secure home network security are determined by the embedded security of firmware on the hardware, the end-user knowledge on application and appreciation the security steps necessary to secure their network. The compatibility of the hardware used in the home needs to be balanced with the security needs.

For personal development. Having worked in the telecoms industry, I enrolled as a mature student to expand my knowledge and skills set to match industry needs and demands and I intend to go into the Cyber Security area

 The course offered was quite appealing to my career needs and objectives.

I am already full time employed as a NOC/Data Centre Technician but intend to switch to the cyber security industry.

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