Elliot Barnett

BSc Computing (Computer Networks and Cybersecurity)

Project Title: A study of security attacks in a SOHO network GNS3

Project Description

This study is aimed at analysing cyber attacks that occur in a SOHO (small office home office) network, then producing countermeasures to have in place to protect the SOHO network from the attacks found. The project includes an experiment to determine the hypothesis set in the methodology.

This experiment consists of:

1. Designing and implementing a SOHO network in GNS3
2. Penetration testing on the SOHO network
3. Recommendations the countermeasures to implement,
4. Implement the countermeasures into the GNS3 network,
5. Penetration test the secured SOHO network
6. Conclude on the results found.

Overall, the results from these two experiments show as hypothesized, more cyber-attacks are successful on the unsecured SoHo network than on the secured SoHo network. Overall, the results of the experiment/project show that more security measures added to a SoHo network decrease the risk of cyber-attacks taken place on the network.

I chose this degree course Computer networks and Cybersecurity because I have a passion for networking and security. I can see myself using the degree and the skills learnt to help drive my career in the IT field.

I chose UWTSD because it is a reputable university in the computing field. The university will allow me to get a degree in Computer Networks and Cybersecurity, and certifications that will help me get a job in the IT field after university.

The career that I would like to go into is IT. The fields that I would like to go into is either the computer networking field or the cybersecurity field.

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