James Dunhill

BSc Computing (Computer Networks and Cybersecurity)

Project Title: The Security Implications of 5G router using IOT Devices

Project Description

This research is aimed to create new knowledge and a better understanding towards a specific area relating to cellular networks security and Internet of Thing (IoT), by attacking and using analysing common threats against a 5G network on IoT devices. This work discusses security threats involving 5G home routers, networks from these new cellular standards have been created for the specifications of 5G, based on this a comparison can be create between 4G and 5G.

The availability of certain tools gives the ability to distribute multiple attacks for different IoT devices while recording the data. This work began by analysing different attacks, such as Man in the Middle (MitM), Distributed Denial of Service (DoS), Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Credential Reuse & Phishing.

Several attacks were analysed, throughout the research to determine the best attack to continue forward with in testing. After analysing attack started to investigating Internet of Things (IoT), learning, and understanding about the background that situates with this technology that is emerging.

Most IoT devices are manufactured independently and do not follow any ecosystems leaving them open to independent vendors securing them. Furthermore, discussion about IoT and how it operates, gives a backing to understanding how the attacks may affect individual components or sections of IoT devices inside of a network. gives a backing to understanding how the attacks may affect individual components or sections of IoT devices inside of a network.

My reason for choosing this degree was for its mixture of networking and cyber security as it offered both courses that I find thoroughly enjoyable and took the opportunity to do a degree in two topics that I closely enjoy researching within and learning as well as developing my skills. There were not many places that offer networking and cyber security at the same time as well as also offering the ability to develop your skills in surrounding subjects. This made this degree incredibly desirable towards my personal growth and skills that I want to take into the working environment.

The reason why I chose UWTSD was for the facilities they offered in my course, one of the benefits is having small classrooms sizes. This allowed the lecturers to get to know you and create strong relations. Another area was having 24/7 access to the building and services that are provided within the universities campus such as access to the networking lab at any time of the day. This made for practising and learning out-of-hours even easier by giving us the hands-on experience that other universities do not offer. Furthermore being able to do modules from other courses to gain the understanding and knowledge of that field so that you are capable of understanding topics in other such as software development and data analysts.

My next plan will be to continue doing my masters and researching into  AI and network security as a combination of these two emerging trends is something that would be very interesting. After my masters is completed I would be looking to do work in a network engineer role or service administration role managing networks, building networks or dealing with security systems.

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