Joshua Batchelor

BSc Computing (Computer Networks and Cybersecurity)

Project Title: A patient tracker system to help nurses monitor the patients’ situations

Project Description

I completed a range of research within my project area, to gather more knowledge and understanding of the systems and the security threats that are proposed within these types of systems. Once I had completed the research, I built my own monitoring system for use by nurses and doctors to regularly monitor each patient’s situation from one central location.

I ran a series of pen tests on the application to see if there were any security threats raised within the application before it goes on to a live hospital network which is vulnerable to targeted threats.

Making sure that the application is as safe as possible against security threats is a must because patients’ medical data will be accessed on the application, which comes under the GDPR Act to make sure that data is stored safely.

I have chosen this degree course because i am very interested in working in the computer networks/cyber-security field.

I choose to study at UWTSD as they offered a computer network course that I was keen to study and they also offered Cyber-Security as part of the same degree. I also like the way that I was welcomed by the university by the teaching staff and student services support on how friendly they came across throughout the different open days I attended to.

Once I finish my degree I would like to aim for a computer networks or cyber-security job within the aviation sector, as I find this sector the most interesting when it comes to the IT threats that happen on a regular basis within their networks.

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