Kaylie Shoulder

BSc Computing (Computer Networks and Cybersecurity)

Project Title:  A Study of the use of The Amnesic Incognito Live System (TAILS) for Criminal Activity

Project Description

This project focused on the operating system (OS) ‘The Incognito Live System’ – Tails, and its counterpart, Tor. Tails is amnesic and once it has been shut down, any files that were saved on the OS will be removed, unless the option ‘persistent storage’ has been enabled, which allows the saving and encryption of files.

This project aimed to test the efficiency of the amnesic element – does it really do what it claims it does? To test this, multiple activities were carried out on Tails such as: using Tor to browse the internet, download image/audio/video files, and create/save word documents on the OS; once this was completed, Tails was shutdown. Thereon, the USB was write-blocked, and FTK Imager 4.2.0 was used to create an image of the USB, which could then be uploaded as evidence, which allowed one to analyse the drive, to see whether any files could be recovered.

I chose this degree course because at the time I had been studying Computer Networks and Cyber Security modules in college and found them to be very intriguing – so, I thought I wanted to take this interest further and become more proficient with some of the equipment that is used, and the techniques used to allow networks to function.

I chose UWTSD because it was the closest university that provided the things that I found essential in a course – such as liaison with Cisco Systems, and the lecturers that I had met prior to joining were welcoming and helpful.

After I finish my BSc Hons in Computer Networks and Cyber Security, I hope to proceed onto complete a PGCE at the University studying Information Technology in Secondary Teaching (QTS) come September.

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