Lauren Davies

BSc Computing (Computer Networks and Cybersecurity)

Project Title: Investigating the security Of ISP Routers

Project Description

For many years, security has always been the main need when creating a home network. However, they have become the primary target for malicious activity, where the attacker manipulates the network to possess data stored or even control the connected devices for their own personal gain.

This investigation consists of analyzing Internet Service Provider routers that are present in modern-day home networks. The knowledge built up from the research done is critical in learning where others have built their methods and understanding from, and to progress from that point to be able to develop new alternative methods of security that can enhance the performance of ISP router security. Furthermore, an experiment using Kali-Linux (Virtual Machine) was performed, to gain an in-depth understanding of what vulnerabilities are currently residing in the routers and know-how devices react under a real-time attack and to provide recommendations to counter these.

I have always been interested in the nature of Cybersecurity. UWTSD offered interesting modules that progressed my knowledge in different fields and I was excited to learn about the Networking aspects that were taught along with programming elements.
Hearing positive comments about the university and how approachable/knowledgeable the lecturers were, was reassuring when applying for UWTSD.
Now that I have completed my studies I can fully agree with these comments and strongly recommend UWTSD to future students. The lecturers provided modules that covered all areas of emerging trends that would equip me with skills that can be deployed in a working environment.
After my current studies, I will be studying PGCE Computing with ICT. I discovered the different career paths that were available for myself and wanted to experience a new environment.

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