Nicholas Alexander

BSc Computing (Computer Networks and Cybersecurity)

Project Title: Design, Build and Test a Secure Home Network

Project Description

This is a project that researches into current threats facing home networks, it examines a typical modern home in order to identify some of the weaknesses; as well as bringing the current threats to the attention of the reader.

Experiments demonstrated how these attacks are carried out, as well as methods shown to prevent these attacks.

The project aims to use various cyberattacks to test a typical home network, document the results, and provide solutions that help the reader keep their home network safe. After extensive background reading and a review of the current literature, experiments were created using current hacking tools in an attempt to find weaknesses. Further research and testing was carried out to try various ways of preventing these attacks.

The methods used to achieve these attacks were setting up WiFi hacking tools to penetrate various wireless networks; finding a successful Man-In-The-Middle tool that could steal important information from a victim; using a Phishing tool in order to distribute the MITM attack; wetting up a reconnaissance tool that will find information about a network, and then using the information found to take control of a victim’s computer.
The experiments concluded that it is very important to be wary of clicking links in emails because there are so many dishonest attempts to attain people’s credentials.

Also, that it is recommended to use 2 Factor Authentication as an extra layer of protection – especially a USB security key as they can often prevent unauthorized access. Devices such as a ‘Firewalls’ can help keep homes safe no matter what type of wireless router they have. It can send an alert when somebody connects to the network, it can block access to certain sites, it can create a VPN to reduce the risks of the family computers etc.

I was interested in furthering my knowledge of computers, I had worked for years on stand-alone computers, but never with networks. I also think that cybersecurity will be in high demand in the future.

UWTSD ran a course specifically on networking 

A computer network-related position, or expanding my existing self employed company to introduce more networking facilities

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