Paul Weaver

BSc Computing (Computer Networks and Cybersecurity)

Project Title: Development of a Network Cyber Security tool Cerberus

Project Description

Developed with the average local home networks security in mind Cerberus is a network security tool with defense and counterattack measures implemented.

Considering the most common security threats Cerberus consists of a built in Antivirus and USB detector which informs the user of infections and possible unauthorized intrusions. With a built in Network scanner Cerberus can see all the devices which are connected to the local network.

Due to more IoT devices being released without development of security measures in place are in return providing potential gateways into networks through their vulnerabilities which puts the users’ devices and data at risk, with the implementation of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to change the users IP Address and file encryptor can make the difference between a successful attack to a failed one.

I have had a keen interest in Cyber Security since College and given the skill set I had before attending it seemed logical that Networks and Cyber Security would hone my skills the best as it requires skills from every sector in Information Technology.

Having a keen interest in Cyber Security since attending Gower College Swansea I was advised by my lecturers to attend an open day at UWTSD. When I attended I was blown away by what was on offer especially EC Council certifications and the lab environments.

I would like my career to be in the cyber security field and I can not see myself going into any other profession as nothing else really interests me, although I do enjoy programming. I intend to continue with my studies at UWTSD Networks and Cyber Security through MSc studies whilst continuing with gaining other professional qualifications such as the CEH and CHFI provided by EC Council and CCNP provided by Cisco.

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