Matthew Howells

BSc Computing (Data and Information Systems)

Project Title: An Investigation into how Social Media Marketing Technologies Affect the ROI of a Specific Company

Project Description

This study will be centred around the overall aim which is to investigate how social media marketing tools help to track the buyer’s journey and affect the ROI of a specific company. As we all know social media has grown to become a valuable addition to marketing within today’s enterprises. The key topics being investigated around this subject are the impacts social media marketing tools can have on a company while considering a buyer’s journey. This included finding out if marketing tools affect the ROI while analysing each process in further detail. The literature review explored current academic work in marketing, alongside how companies use social media technology tools to measure ROI.

A mixed research preference was applied to perform the appropriate research strategies to complete the project. The objectives consisted of focus group, survey, and a literature review as research, alongside testing of the chosen marketing tools.

An inductive approach was taken following the positivism philosophy for the survey. This involved uncovering the details of social media’s impact on businesses. This identified differences between selected categories of marketing technologies identifying features concerning recognized technology. The major findings were that social media has impacted today’s companies positively while presenting opportunities to reach out to clients.

The conclusion recognised although social media can impact a business in many ways, most of these impacts can be linked to modern technology trends. Most surveyed marketing organizations were impacted by social media platforms positively whilst using various promotional strategies to attract clients.

The literature review was met fully, though further interviews with further industry professionals would have been ideal – this was limited by COVID-19 restrictions. All designs were successful, and overall testing proved the functionality and accuracy of marketing tools.

I chose my degree course because it was something I enjoyed. I was not really thinking about my career at this point and was unsure of what future options were available. However now looking back at my time spent at university I am grateful for the routes it has opened up allowing students to gain further experience through the student union and careers service. The knowledge I gained from attending UWTSD has provided me with a foundation of skills that I think are so incredibly valuable for my future career.
I was attracted to UWTSD based on both its academic reputation as well as having family who attended the University previously. I have found opportunities for personal growth and development not only academically, but also working with the Student Union outside my studies. I wished to live away from home but not too far away, Attending the UWTSD Campus in Swansea catered for this plus the fantastic facilities that were available. The great thing about going to a smaller university is the fact staff get to know you better compared to larger universities. Throughout the Covid 19 Pandemic UWTSD has been fantastic supporting all students even while studying off campus remotely. I would definitely recommend this university to anybody looking to study further and maybe return to study postgrad in the future.
With all of the skills that I currently have and have learnt in Computing, I am unsure what I wish to do next. I aim to work towards something within the Computing industry but shall continue to look at other alternative paths available. After studying hard, I believe having a break from studying is probably best.

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