Aneurin Creed

BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Project Title: An Investigation into PLC Driven Automated Industrial Sorting

Project Description

My project explored the idea of a totally automated industrial sorting scenario through the softwares and Siemens TIA. The idea was to have the process fully automated from the input of boxes to the eventual sorting and storage of these boxes. The factory included various stages and components such as multiple conveyor belts and roller conveyors, a light array, two pop-up wheel sorters, a conveyor scale, four palletisers, four turntables and a stacker crane.

The design also incorporated several diffuse sensors and wheel aligners to aid in the separation and sorting of the boxes. The findings of this project indicated that although and Siemens TIA were successful in creating a fully automated industrial sorting system, presented some shortcomings in its running capabilities. This was due to the software struggling to cope with the large demands of the full scale factory, thus implying that other virtual simulation softwares may be more suited to the task.

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