Buthaina Al-Jarrah

BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Project Title: Designing of windscreen wiper system using microcontroller

Project Description

In this project I was aiming to design a windscreen wiper using a microcontroller with different speeds. In order to design the windscreen wipers a lot of research had to be done. To detect the rain automatically, many methods can be used such as the capacitive approximately sensor, the conductive sensor, Piezo electric method, and optical method.

However, optical method or the IR sensor is used. When the IR sensor detect the rain, it will be sending the signal to the microcontroller which is programmed using Mikroc program. Therefore, the DC motor will spray water. Then, the Servo motor that is used to control the movement of the windscreen wipers will operate.

The system designed has a four modes of windscreen wipers and these are the off mode, the cleaning, manual and finally the automatically operation wipers mode.

I have always been fascinated by Engineering and imagined myself being an engineer. At the same time I wanted to do something that has a message, so I decided to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering and prove to the world that females can do anything.

In the beginning I decided to do HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering as I felt that I would be more comfortable in small classes with fewer students. Furthermore, I had been told that the lecturers are very friendly and helpful and that was true.

I would like to do a internship in the beginning or volunteering just to gain more confidence and work experience, then I would like to find employment.

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