Jack Solomon

BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Project Title: A study of the use of PLCs in Vehicle Assist Systems and Smart Living Controls

Project Description

The project focused on the usage of a PLC on internal and external motorhome assists methods. This project identifies if a PLC is a realistic method to aid external parameters such as vehicle parking and blind spot assist. Secondly, internal vehicle parameters such as setting and controlling temperature and light level.

Research was carried out to incorporate ADAS (advanced driving assist systems) and ‘Smart’ technology to the system. An investigation was completed to select appropriate sensors to meet the specification which will be integrated with the PLC and HMI (interactive screen).

The software TIA V16 was used to design the ladder logic software and HMI design to meet the requirements. The system was tested on a rig which was designed and built to house the PLC, sensors, and LED indications. The positive results from the testing clearly demonstrated that the PLC was successful in completing the objectives required.

I have always had an interest in electrical engineering and I want to advance my career in the electrical industry. I have been lucky enough to be supported by the company I work for (Quartzelec) to complete my part time degree which has taken 6 years in total.

I’m from Swansea so the SA1 campus is close to where I live. The university has a great reputation and excellent facilities. I previously studied in Gower College and they pointed me in the right direction.

I still work for Quartzelec, we are rotating machine specialists and our main customer is TATA Steel. I’m hoping to progress my career in the heavy industrial side of the electrical industry as that is what I prefer.

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