Jordan Thomas

BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Project Title: Aquatic Life Quality Monitoring System

Project Description

The project aim was to automatically control a water aerator used on a fishing lake and provide cost savings via reduced energy bills. The first task was to research what contributed to water quality. During this it was found that the dissolved oxygen content was by far the most important parameter, along with pH, Temperature and Turbidity.

Chosen sensors were used to collect data from the lake with the data fed back to the PLC. PLC software was developed with the capability of taking data from the sensors and controlling when the aerator is on or off. The data was also displayed on the HMI screen to easily display all of the information gathered.

An investigation indicated substantial cost savings could be made by turning the aerators off when the Dissolved Oxygen levels are very high and the room for human error was reduced.

I work for an electrical engineering company and wanted to improve my knowledge

I followed on to degree after studying at Gower College Swansea.

Working as a Junior Project Manager and looking to progress within my company

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