Morgan Jones

BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Project Title: Impact Force and Head Trauma in Sport

Project Description

The project is about head trauma in sports and the designing and creating a device to measure impacts to the head.

The device was designed and created using Proteus 8 simulation software and a C compiler and the embedded C programming language.

The device contains an accelerometer to measure the impacts, a PIC microcontroller to sort and store the accelerometer readings, there is also a LED which flashes when a reading has passed a certain threshold.

Due to limitations related to Covid-19 a simulation has been created instead of a physical device. The main findings for the simulation is that the code works as intended as it activates the peripherals and interfaces, tells the device to start sampling via the accelerometer, has the PIC receive the data and then sorts and stores it.

I have chosen my degree course as I have always had an interest in electronics and believe that through this course that I can get a good job

I choose to attend UWTSD as it local to my home. UWTSD had a course with modules which I thought would help increase my understanding of electronics and my abilities with regards to working with electronics.

I am currently researching my career opportunities and looking where my skills are best suited

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