Nick Regan

BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Project Title: A wearable device to detect physiological symptoms of anger with built in alert

Project Description

Anger has recently been identified as a significant problem, leading to detrimental effects on health, and on occasions leading to domestic violence, physical and verbal abuse or self-harm. There has been an increase during lockdown restrictions.

This project puts forward the idea of designing a wearable device which can detect and monitor the build-up and expression of anger by measuring physiological symptoms which happen when anger is experienced. If there was a significant change in the results of the measurements then an alert would be initiated which would enable the wearer to become aware of anger and prevent it escalating. It would also allow them to realise the triggers.

The physiological symptoms chosen to be measured were heart rate and skin temperature both of which alter during anger. The wearable portable device consists of an optical sensor, a thermistor and a vibrating disc on a neoprene band worn around the ankle.

I chose to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering as I completed an extended diploma in Engineering, developed an interest in the subject. It involved mathematics which I am good at. I feel that if you enjoy a subject you are naturally good at it and therefore it is the right path to take.

I chose UWTSD as at the Open Day I felt at home and everyone was welcoming and genuinely interested in me. The reviews were good and the subject content of the course was exciting.

I would like to either do a PGCE course, or an apprenticeship with an engineering based company. I have not decided yet,

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