Nour Srihini

BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Project Title: Car Park System Controlled by PLC

Project Description

The aim of this project was to design a car park and establish a PLC program that is usable, reliable and effective. I set objectives and goals to guide me throughout my project, and I believe most of them has been fulfilled.

Using the Factory I/O, I designed a car park which contained two up/down counters, ten stack lights and 12 diffused sensors. 2x disabled cars counters and 2x normal cars counters. Entrance counters: to count the number of cars entering the car park. Exit counters: to count the number of cars leaving the car park.

Two stack lights were placed in the entrance, turning green led when spaces are available and red when the car park is full.

When the entrance counter reaches the maximum number (5 for normal and 3 for disabled),
the red LED will switch on, so no more cars are allowed to go in. Both counters function in the same way, but have different limit numbers.

In each parking slot a stack light has been placed. When detecting a car in the space it turns the red LED on, indicating this place is no longer available and when car leaves the green light will back on, indicating a free parking place.

The car park system did meet the expected standards, and is believed to be useful and efficient
design, suitable for modern user. The design advantages were: Time efficient, Well ordered, Practical, Easy for drivers.

During the designing phase, I underwent a lot of trial and error. This allowed me to improve on
my draft designs and advance my components to reach my final desired design. This experience
allowed me to identify my errors and find alternative and more effective solutions.

Being an engineer was my dream since childhood, the electrical and electronic field was the most appropriate choice for me where: I found myself interested and hopefully successful in.

I am pleased to be a student at University of Wales Trinity Saint David, as its one of the most famous and well known in Wales. While I was doing my Level 3 diploma at Gower College, I asked previous students about their experiences. They all recommended UWTSD and encouraged me to apply for the course.

I am looking now for internships, training courses or any voluntary jobs to gain more experience in the electrical industry.

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