Samih Altigany

BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Project Title: Investigation and design of temperature data logger using PIC micro controller

Project Description

Temperature monitoring is essential procedure in many industries such as in pharmaceutical laboratories where defining the chemical composition over time is crucial, in food industry where monitoring the temperature is important to prevent bacteria and to meet the food and safety regulatory agencies, in warehouses where some products are sensitive to temperature and need to be kept in a temperature controlled environment, in logistics where the supply chain process require the temperature to maintained and kept track on it by the company, also in equipment monitoring where keeping track on the temperature where the equipment’s operate, reduces the wear and tear and in return it reduces equipment’s breakdowns and makes the condition based maintenance CBM more efficient.

This report is a documentation of the temperature measuring techniques and the acquisition devices, and in addition detailing and elaborating about the process of designing temperature data logger using PIC microcontroller The objective of this project is framed in the context of studying the temperature data loggers available in the market and designing a battery powered data logger using PIC microcontroller, by collecting the temperature readings through a temperature sensor using LM35 the readings are presented on an LCD screen, and all the data is saved on a non-volatile memory EEPROM, and the device could also be connected to a computer through USB and RS232.

The research was conducted and completed on multiple aspects of the project starting with looking for the data loggers available in the market, and ending with finding the different types of each component of the components required in the design and then selecting the best ones and include them into the design.

The design was implemented in two different stages: The first stage was on the simulation which was successful using the components selected in the market research stage, and with the aid of the datasheets and mathematical formulas, while the second stage was building a physical bench prototype which was completed.

I choose to study electronics and electrical engineering because electronics is my hobby and I have always loved to play with electronics devices and had thepassion to know more about it.

I looked into the modules of the course in many different universities and I noticed the modules in UWTSD satisfies my passion for electronics more than the other universities. Some universities are inclined more to the electrical side while I am more interested in electronics. On top of that UWTSD is in Swansea my home city so I do not need to travel away.

I would love to build a career in the field of electronics design and PLC programming.

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