Shaun Farthing

BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Project Title: A study into the use of Programmable Logic Controllers for control of lighting and heating within the home

Project Description

The objective of this project was to create a user friendly, effective control system to allow the automation of heating and lighting systems within the home. The project direction was focused on automation to create a more energy efficient home by limiting the energy usage from lighting and heating systems when they are not required. This project included an overview of PLCs and their use in home automation. It then presented research into existing home automation control systems and traditional lighting and heating control.  Equipment selection for this project was compared, contrasted and selected. Associated project flow charts, software information and outcomes were displayed. Finally, all data and results were gathered and analysed.

I have a keen interest in engineering. I wanted to further my knowledge and understanding.

I chose to attend UWTSD because of the excellent reputation and modern facilities.

I would like to further my career as an Electrical Engineer.

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