About Me

After completing my A Level studies at Gowerton Sixth Form, I enrolled on the UWTSD Games Design course. The course comprised of areas of study which I had invested interest in and were relevant to my A levels in Product Design and Film Study, the course then allowed me to develop my design approaches through the medium of 3D design.  

Through areas of my degree course study, I was able to apply my prior knowledge of visual design and apply it to team-based game projects, whilst learning the workflow/techniques involved in 3D design and an understanding of how this effects game experiences. This culminated in my central focus of 3D Environment development and how design theory-based approaches could be used to improve my overall standard of work, resulting in the creation of assets for two game environments with alternate styles.  

From experience of the Games Design course’s industry-based approaches, I have been able to establish an awareness in design workflow and approaches in utilising software (Maya, ZBrush, Blender, and Unreal Engine) to realise designs for team projects and subsequently, referable material for future design work. 

Email: thomaswoodvine@googlemail.com 

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