Ben Kiddie

BSc Computing (Games Development)

Project Title: The Capabilities of a Leap Motion Controlled VR Game

Project Description

The aim of this project were to identify how the user experience of a Leap Motion controlled game compares with conventional controllers and identify what makes a good gesture control system. Objectives were the design and development of a Leap Motion Controlled VR game, investigation, and implementation of a gesture control framework, and critically evaluating the user experience of a Leap Motion controlled VR game.

A Leap Motion and Oculus compatible game was successfully developed using the Unity engine, Ultraleap modules, and Oculus integration packages. Using the game developed as a testing medium, user experience results for Leap Motion Controller are as follows:
– Controls were less obstructive,
– Slightly higher performance among users,
– Perceived as more exciting and innovative

In contrast, Oculus Touch controllers:
– Were simpler to use,
– Imposed less physical and mental strain,
– Induced less frustration and time pressure in users when performing tasks.

I wanted to learn more about the development process behind computer games. I love video games, and my proficiency with mathematics and programming proved the course was a great fit for me.
Swansea is a beautiful city and close to home for me. When I found out that UWTSD had the right course for me, and was known for their excellent staff, this was the determining factor behind my desire to study here.
Now that my undergrad studies are complete, I am eager to gain experience in a game development studio and build upon what I have learned. Whilst I am seeking a graduate role, I have also recognised that building a portfolio of works is important, and will continue to improve myself on this front.

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