Daniel O’Dwyer

BSc Computing (Games Development)

Project Title: A study of gamification’s place in learning, can it be implemented successfully? 

Project Description

The overall question in this project is, does gamification have a place in learning? If so, can it be implemented effectively? This question has been tackled by developing a prototype app that hopes to answer in favour of that question. The author believes that gamification does have a place in learning and has demonstrated that through his project.

The project mainly consisted of a focus group interview, document review, and software development. All the data collected and the development of a successful prototype app point towards a positive conclusion. The literature review concluded that gamification could see use in education and successful apps have been made with a keen response form users. The developed app prototype received encouraging feedback and avenues for future development will definitely be explored.

I was always curious about how video games were made. I was fairly confident about making sprites, assets, and art for any games I could make but I knew nothing about coding. I was curious and wanted to find out what goes on behind the scenes of a game.

I live near Swansea so the convenience of being able to stay at home and travel to university was a major factor in my decision. I had a few friends that were also going there after A-Levels so I thought it would be nice to stick with them.

Anything to do with IT. I’ve always loved computers and everything about how they work. I want to use the skills and knowledge I’ve attained about coding over my time in university. I not very fussy about where I end up, as long as I get to use the skills I have, I’ll be happy.

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