Richard Harris

BSc Computing (Games Development)

Project Title:An Investigation into Real Time Ray Tracing Weapon Flashes in 3D Environments

Project Description

Real-time ray tracing in videos games is now the goal of many developers. This project was to investigate weapon flashes with real-time ray tracing. Whilst looking into weapon flashes in a real-time ray tracing rendering technique, a gap was discovered: Weapon flashes do not appear to be ray traced. An investigation of a similar model using simple geometry showed evidence that using a ray-traced weapon flash could in fact drop the framerate of those high-resolution games.

After attempting to learn to create games at home with no experience after 2 weeks of digging the internet to get the answers, I decided to go to university to get a degree in something I have been passionate about my whole life.

The university provided game development courses that covered all the material that I was interested in for computer games development

I would love a job in the gaming industry but before then I’m going to take a Masters course.

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