Anthony Smith

BSc Computing (Software Engineering)

Project Title: Constructing a Biometric Deterrent to Reduce Drink Driving

Project Description

The aim of the project was to create an alternative drink driving deterrent, using biometric technology. A prototype was constructed using Arduino components and coding in C++. The Premise was to invent a car key that would read the alcohol content of the driver before the opportunity to drive occurred. If they were deemed over the limit the car would fail to start. The key would also identify and authorise the driver by fingerprint recognition to reduce the chances of a drunk passenger driving instead.

Public opinion on the prototype was also essential to assess the need for this preventative measure. This data was obtained through the use of a questionnaire and concluded with a positive outcome that highlighted a desire and the demand for such a device.

Information on biometrics and their capabilities was sufficiently researched and in doing so, it would unearth competitors who were employing similar technology and are progressing towards a similar goal.

From an early age I have always been interested in computers and computer games, and from previous employment I have worked in film editing and photo manipulation. I wanted a new challenge and get more involved in the coding side of computing. I also wanted to show my family especially the children that it is never to late to learn something new and age will not stop you doing what you want to do.

I visited UWTSD Swansea campus on a STEM open day. I thought the facilities were fantastic and the lecturers I met were full of knowledge and extremely easy to get on with.

My options are open at the moment, and I could advance into any stream of computing, which is a good reason to apply for this type of degree. But I think web development or returning for a masters degree are favourable.

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