Farhan Rahman

BSc Computing (Software Engineering)

Project Title: Steganography – the art and science of hiding messages within messages

Project Description

The project investigated steganography, giving an insight into the background and history and emphasising digital steganography. The concept of steganography is the process of disguising a message, particularly the hiding of messages within images.

The goal of the project was to build a program which achieves this, using the information found from comprehensive research to design an image steganography program. The technique of choice was altering the least significant bits from the pixels of an image. When image steganography techniques are applied, the quality of the image can be degraded. A survey conducted to analyse whether people could notice changes between the normal image, and the image with the hidden message was completed. From 34 responses, 85% of people believed there was no hidden message within either of the images shown to them.

My choice of the degree course was due to my interest in programming and learning more, as well as wanting to one day work in the field of Software Development.

UWTSD was chosen as it had the best fitting course for me to advance in software development and programming.

My ideal career is to be part of a software development team for application development. I am considering further study through Masters to advance my knowledge.

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