Kieran Ayres

BSc Computing (Software Engineering)

Project Title: An Investigation into Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and the Methods and Technologies that are used in the Production of the Applications

Project Description

The project was developed to investigate AI and Robotics.

This was to see what sorts of applications that they are applied within. It was decided to design and develop a mini robotic car to simulate an autonomous vehicle as this uses a blend of the technologies that were investigated. This was developed to the stage of the robot having driving functionality and being able to stop infront of an object.

It was concluded that Artificial Intelligence isn’t an ideal solution to real-world driverless cars as Artificial Intelligence is determined on predicted, or trained results whereas the situations a car faces in every day driving aren’t predictable and is difficult to train as it would have to encounter situations which wouldn’t be ideal for the car or anyone involved. There are some aspects which are great, such as using computer vision to help it react to certain situations but overall is isn’t the perfect solution.

I chose this course as over the duration of college and a foundation year, I gained an interest in software development and this course has a brilliant variety of modules available when completing the course.

I chose to attend UWTSD as it had an appealing and friendly approach with a very good ranking for student satisfaction, along with this, I’ve had family who went to UWTSD and have recommended it.

After University, I would like to continue with UWTSD to study for a Master’s in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. This is due to the overall satisfaction of the current course but also as it looks highly interesting and engaging.

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