Nathan Morgan

BSc Computing (Software Engineering)

Project Title: Creating a single page application using an epidemiology map of the Coronavirus outbreak to highlight the technology.

Project Description

The aim of the project was to produce a single page application and a REST web service using modern JavaScript frameworks. The application implemented a range of visualisations to display case study data. A positivistic approach was taken using a review of literature, a case study of the data and software development to create the application.

The aim was achieved by looking at available software platforms and frameworks for developing the solution and then investigating how modern frameworks are implemented.

To support the front-end framework a document database was used with a REST web service implemented using Node.js.

To provide the data for the solution a proxy was implemented that retrieves data from the available data sources. The solution must use accurate data, so these sources were investigated to ensure their accuracy as the visualisations were be presented in a way that encourages public engagement in response to the SARS-Covid-19 outbreak.

An interest in Software Engineering, with a desire to further the interest from a hobby to a career

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