Sarann Strange

BSc Computing (Software Engineering)

Project Title: The importance of educating children through eLearning Tools

Project Description

The project reviews the research of literature surrounding students within primary schools at level 3 at seven-to-eight years old, within Wales. The aim was to understand how students learn and retain knowledge about mathematical concepts. The research and review of literature examined the benefits and drawbacks of software-tools to aid in the development of a software based mathematical time-telling-game that uses the Welsh language. The report theories that educational computer-games are an effective form of education and improves the education of students.

I chose the course because I was interested in a topic I had limited knowledge about (Software Engineering) and I have always wanted to learn more. I have a problem- solving mind and thought programming would interest me.

Friends recommended the university to me.

I quite like the idea of training dogs for the blind, but first I’m going to try to get a job working in a career that has something to do with the course I’m about to finish.

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