Connor Ellement

BSc Computing (Web Development)

Project Title: Investigating the most effective methods of mobile-first design within the Motor Vehicle Retail industry

Project Description

This project is an investigation into the best methods of Mobile First web design for websites in the motor vehicle industry. This report looks into what Mobile First is, and how it can be used to better aid small screen device usage within the motor vehicle industry. The value in having a website that works fits Mobile First standards is providing a good user experience for users who view the website. A functioning website was be produced using the Mobile First standards to help aid in answering what methods are most beneficial for Mobile First design. Going of the answers detailed in this project, it is fairly clear that using the Mobile First initiative method of web design is beneficial due to its easy of use and general usability on small screen devices.

I chose to do Web Development as I got a taste for it in Comprehensive School, and really enjoyed designing my own website. I delved a bit deeper into the coding side of it in College and decided I wanted to progress it further.

I knew I didn’t want to venture too far from my home town just yet, so the fact that UWTSD was in Swansea and had the course I wanted, made it a no brainer.

My overall experience with my chosen course has been a rollercoaster of emotions. If I come out of third year with graduation that will be great, and I will immediately be more confident in my abilities to go on and do web design as a full time job, however, during the course, I have found that I enjoy databases a lot more, so as a backup option, I would like to do a Administration apprenticeship somewhere. 

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