Mark Huntly

BSc Computing (Web Development)

Project Title: Analysis of the Effectiveness of Software Security Testing in the Web Application Development Process

Project Description

This study has been conducted with the aim to assert a hypothesis that implementing a Test Driven Development (TDD) methodology to incorporate security into the software development lifecycle will create more security focused development processes.

To achieve this, the effectiveness of tools and techniques for implementing security testing within web application development was analysed. This was done by considering a software development lifecycle methodology and Static Analysis Security Tools (SAST) alongside Dynamic Analysis Security Tools (DAST) and evaluating these through testing using Agile methodology through Test Driven Development.

The project tested the SAST and DAST tools within the environment to produce results evaluated against this hypothesis.

It is concluded that prominent security consideration and integration will add value to the software development lifecycle although should be considered as part of a wider security strategy.

I was looking for the challenge of completing a degree and I have a real interest in computing, web development and security.

It is a great university local to me. I wanted to stay local.

I am looking to enter into web development or programming, and I am especially interested in web security as a specialism.

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