Rhys Davies

BSc Computing (Web Development)

Project Title: Investigation into progressive web applications for the purpose of e-commerce.

Project Description

The purpose of this study was to discover if progressive web applications are fit for the purpose of e-commerce by researching progressive web applications and e-commerce, and  to produce a proof-of-concept progressive web application to be analysed against current guidelines. The study is broken up into three parts such as theoretical and practical analysis.

The theoretical section took the form of a literature review analysing literature collected from journals, articles, books, and websites. The practical analysis section involved the development of a progressive web application including analysis results from surveyed data about the artifact created.

The main findings showed that progressive web applications were indeed capable of supporting e-commerce, and the overall development of the project was a success, proven by the google lighthouse PWA analysis tool.

I was very interested in problem solving and particularly web development.

I had heard about the smaller class sizes for better learning and good quality teaching, which is something I prefer as larger classes are daunting and there is not enough attention on the students.

My ideal jobs would be Web development as a full stack developer or Software development in the realms of AI.

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