Sai Jangili

BSc Computing (Web Development)

Project Title: Website to support education in India

Project Description

This project is named WEBICOM, which means Web Communications. This project is mainly about researching the importance of websites for educational institutions and creating a website for an educational institution in India. The developer investigated other literature and gathered information about the websites for schools and the uses of the websites for schools. The website’s uses were explored, and a survey was conducted to get people’s opinions on the website.

I was always interested in this field, and I liked working on computers learning new programming languages. Web development is the one which I thought would be the best suitable course for my interest.

I choose UWTSD because it offered a great curriculum for Web development, had an incredible faculty, had good infrastructure, good facilities for international students.

I want to search for a job related to my course and get work experience for few years, and then I will go for further studies.

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