Gareth Rhys

BSc Civil Engineering

Project Title: Can robotics make a positive and sustainable future contribution to bricklaying within the construction industry in the UK?

Project Description

Over recent decades there has been a decline in bricklayers entering the construction industry and thus there has become a shortage not just within the UK but worldwide of skilled bricklayers. This research has aimed to identify the reasons behind these shortages and how robotic manufactories have aimed to improve the role and demand of the bricklayer. 

I chose to study BSc Civil Engineering after attending an open day and meeting with the Senior Lecturer. The modules of the course appealed to me because of my experience in the construction Industry. I especially enjoyed studying Structural design as this is an area I wish to pursue. 

I chose to Study at UWTSD as being a returning mature student the support available gave me confidence to complete the course. The opportunity to follow other modules during my degree and refresh my knowledge helped me develop my skills, especially being able to use AutoCAD software.  


My future plans after studying at UWSTD are to continue working in the construction industry and grow my company. I plan to continue to develop my skills through work experience and keeping in contact with professionals in the industry. In the future I would like to return to education and complete a Master’s Degree.  

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