Joshua Lee Benger

BSc Civil Engineering

Project Title: The implementation deficit between health and safety
legislation and practice within the construction industry.

Project Description

Gain an understanding of what motivates construction site workes to adhere to health and safety rules.

Determine what factors encourage site workers to disregard health and safety rules.

Gain ideas of how improvements can be made 

Having worked in the construction industry for 3 years prior to beginning my degree, I wanted to progress my career and saw Civil Engineering as an interesting route to go down. Having previously achieved a degree in Mathematics, I saw Civil Engineering as a field in which I could combine my previous education with my experience of working in the field to begin a career that interested me.

Having explored a number of universities and colleges, I found the modules offered in the Civil Engineering course at UWTSD to be most relevant to my job. The modules offered gave me assurance that the course would be beneficial in the development of my skills within the field. 

I plan to continue working in my current role as a Site Engineer, and am considering undertaking a Maters Degree in the subject to further my knowledge.

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