Reza Shafie-Pour Motlagh 

BEng Engineering (Automotive Engineering)

Project Title: Piston Design Utilizing Topology Optimization & Additive Manufacturing

Project Description

The ever-growing need for cleaner and more fuel-efficient engines is the catalyst for the component optimization trend currently being followed. As such manufacturers and engineers are pushing current production processes to their limits, opening the door for methods previously used exclusively in the prototyping and aerospace industries. One such technology is additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing, along with Topology Optimization, allows designers and engineers the freedom to create lightweight, strong, and organic geometries that previously would not have been able to be produced. The goal of this project is to reduce the mass of the piston, utilizing these methods.

I wanted to combine my passions for cars and engineering into a career

The course had very good reviews, and offered modules that were of interest

My goal is to be an engineer on a Formula 1 team

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