Tom Pettifer

BEng (Hons) Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering 

Project Title: Contemporary Design and Manufacturing in the Mountain Bike Industry.

Project Description

My project aimed to identify how Contemporary Design and Manufacturing tools could be applied to benefit the Mountain Biking Industry. Mountain Biking is a growing, competitive sport that drives innovation. Topology can be used to optimise structures. A Topology study was applied to a Mountain Bike component to demonstrate how Topology can be used to reduce mass influencing the final design.

Research showed that Generative Design can produce optimised solutions to design problems – without human influence – whilst factoring in manufacturability and costs, reducing design iterations. Additive Manufacturing was explored to identify what benefits could be leveraged by replacing traditional manufacturing techniques. Additive Manufacturing allows for high customisation – which is unique – as well as rapid prototyping, useful in a competitive environments. Additive Manufacturing provides a platform to feasibly create optimised natural structures suggested by Topology and Generative Design.

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