Mateusz Skoczylas

BEng Engineering (Motorcycle)

Project Title: 1D Spark Ignition Combustion Engine Simulation Methods & Their Practical Applications

Project Description

Internal combustion engines have a big potential during the transitional phase. I see a lot of companies and governments rushing to go all-electric, forgetting about hybrid systems. The electric infrastructure in many places is not ready yet for the mass adoption of fully electric vehicles. They are not as ‘green’ as they are made out to be in many countries due to the way power is generated. This transition won’t happen overnight.

The research into combustion engines must go on. Let’s embrace all the advancements in combustion engine development that have happened over the past decade. Let’s not jump too far ahead. I believe that taking it one step at a time will be more beneficial. That is the reason why despite the growing hostility towards combustion engines, I have decided to study them. My project focuses on analysing the various ways of simulating the combustion process as well as applying this knowledge to practical applications. I hope to use the fundamentals learnt through my venture to one day come up with new ways of combating issues found in the transport/automotive sector.

My passion for motorcycles as well as personal recommendations that I had received.

UWTSD at the moment is the only university to offer a motorcycle engineering course. Besides that, I like their practical approach.

Finding an engineering job that will enable professional development. Learning doesn’t stop for me after graduation, there are plenty more puzzles to solve!

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