Gemma Dunlop

BSc Computing (Web Development)

Project Title: Investigating a JavaScript Single Page Application Framework for Improving Usability/User Experience of Web Applications.

Project Description

The advantage of a single page application (SPA) architecture is easy maintenance, short page load times, high interactivity framework, and good user experience. This study gained an insight into SPAs by conducting a usability study on an existing hotel, the Parc le Breos Hotel (an MPA) and the website was redesigned by creating an SPA after conducting research of current hotel website design patterns, SPA design patterns and UI design patterns. 

I chose a Web Development course as it involves learning practical computing skills which I feel will be more statistically likely to lead to guaranteed employment. With so much competition in the jobs market right now, I wanted to choose a career path which is expanding and not contracting.

I chose to attend UWTSD as the Web Development course offered an excellent combination of technical, academic and soft skills which are specific to this sector and to gain hands on experience of coding with the latest technologies, computer languages and databases. The Waterfront Campus has ultra-modern, high quality facilities and stunning views over the sea and Swansea marina. Swansea is a friendly town with a wide variety of shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs as well as the natural beauty of the Gower Peninsula.

I would like to further my studies by doing a Master’s degree in Software Engineering.


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