Daniel Davies

BEng Engineering (Motorsport Engineering)

Project Title: Investigation into the Emissions Output of Various Diesel Vehicles, Through a Drive Cycle to Determine the Possibility of Future Proofing a More Sustainable Unit

Project Description

This project aimed to carry out an investigation into the emissions output of various diesel vehicles through a real-world drive cycle. The objective was to recognise the advancements in emission technology and consider the possibility of future-proofing a more sustainable internal combustion option. The three vehicles used were three different generations of VW golf turbo diesels of different Euro Standards. The drive Cycles were carried out following the WLTP drive cycle requirements, using a DL1 Race Technology data-logger.
A survey was carried out to determine the attitude and opinion towards environmental and governmental issues surrounding emerging automotive technology.

The contents of the course appealed to my interest in the field of the Motorsport and Automotive industry.

The opportunity to study at the brand new facilities at SA1

To work within the automotive or motorsport industry

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