George Dalton – Brown

BEng Engineering (Motorsport Engineering)

Project Title: Designing A Ford Ecoboost Connecting Rod For Use In Rallycross

Project Description

Project is focussed on designing a connecting rod for a Ford ecoboost engine that can be used under operating conditions seen in rallycross. Firstly the original connecting rod was analysed and reverse engineered, then new design criteria were applied and data collected during analysis was used in order to influence a new connecting rod design. Finally the mass of the connecting rod was then reduced in order to create a more competitive design.

I’ve always had an interest in fixing cars, motorsport, modified cars and engineering in general

Went to an open day and was impressed with what I saw

Get a job in engineering, then get a job in motorsport/automotive when the job market improves with aims to become either a development engineer or project engineer.

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